A True Passion for Woodworking


For me, woodworking is a passion. What started out as a bit of necessary hobby, with the purchase of my first house, kept growing as a passion to learn more, build more and push the boundaries of my own skills. The satisfaction of starting with a rough piece of wood and working it into something I built with my own hands is not something I get tired of. I continue to learn, grow and perfect my skills with every piece I build.

All project journeys start and end with one thing, the wood. I hand select each piece, from the rough, in order to get the best color and grain matching possible. I then sketch out where each piece of the project will come from which board. I then mill the lumber myself so I can see what each piece reveals under the rough exterior and begin to see how each of the parts will come together to form a singular finished product. Building the piece is just the first step; each piece must then be finished. I use finishes that are proven to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, not a multi step manufactured process like in the big box stores. The carefully selected wood deserves a finish that allows it to show its true nature. I focus on using natural oils and clear finishes, not stains and gels that cover the wood's natural character.

I build almost anything! I have done everything from a basic cutting board to bedside and coffee tables to cribs and beds. Check out the Gallery page to see some examples. If you see something you like, or if you are interested in your own design, contact me and we will get started on your one of a kind piece today!


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