Entertainment Center Build (Part 2)

It has been a while since I last posted on this entertainment center, but I have been really busy with some side projects, such as launching this new website and blog platform. But, that is no excuse and I have also been busy making strides on this beast!

In the last post, I started to break down the material for the casework and getting it ready to be assembled. Once I had the basic casework assembled, I milled up some pine panel for the shiplap backs for the cases. These are simply panels that slide in grooves on the back of the case, no glue here. I also went ahead and attached the trim to the front of the cases using glue and some finish nails.

Once I had all the shiplap backs in place, I got all the cases clamped together to get a sense of what it will look like once it is finally assembled. The one thing to keep in mind during this build is, the whole thing needs to be able to be taken apart into its three main pieces, so nothing can be permanently glued together.

Once I had a sense for what the case was going to look like assembled, I started to focus my attention to the two sliding barn doors that will make up the front. While I had the cabinet assembled, I was able to get exact measurements for the doors and begin to assemble them. These are actually pretty simple to do. Again, they are nothing more than solid pine wood; the only "tricky" part is getting the angles to line up properly on the cross beams. I was able to find some old, rusty, nails that I think give a good look to these doors.


The next order of business will be to get the doors hung properly to ensure all is lined up and working as expected. The final trim molding will be installed across the top and bottom. Once that is all done, it will be time for it to be finished. In this case, I will not be doing the finishing, but the cases will be painted with a milk paint and the doors will have a clear finish on them.