Solid wood furniture is an investment that, with the proper care and maintenance, will last for generations. Below are some general guidelines for caring for, and maintaining your piece.

Natural Aging of Wood Products:

Solid wood responds to temperature, humidity and light. Wood will naturally expand and contract with the changing of the seasons; slight changes in alignment may happen, which is natural. Care should be taken to avoid exposing your pieces to extreme temperate fluctuations for extended periods of time. Some woods will also change color over time, as they are exposed to sunlight and air. Cherry, for example, becomes darker in color over time, which is often desired.

General Care and Cleaning:

Unless otherwise noted or requested, furniture is finished with a natural penetrating oil, such as Tung, Danish or Linsead oil, and then top coated with several coats of either Shellac or wipe on Polyurethane. It is important to note that harsh chemicals containing alcohol or other thinners/degreasers may cause harm to, and eat away at the finish. Also avoid any products containing bleach or any other abrasive additives or products. Surfaces should be carefully cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild soap; generally just a warm damp rag is enough. Immediately wipe all spills and standing water, then dry thoroughly. Also, try to avoid placing hot items, such as coffee or tea cups, directly on the surface as it can cause a ring to form on the finish.

General Maintenance:

The use of furniture paste wax may be used in situations where the surface begins to look a little dull. Use a good quality furniture wax and follow the manufacturer instructions.

If you have any questions about the care and maintenance of your product, feel free to contact me at any time.