Why Buy Custom Handcrafted Furniture?

3 Reasons Why to Invest In Custom Furniture

In this day and age of constant upgrades and instant gratification, people often do not think of investing in custom, handcrafted furniture. Unfortunately, many people just run into a big box store and pick the item that is closest to what they want, but it is not exactly what they want. Or they go from store-to-store looking for the perfect piece and often end up simply frustrated and empty handed. I can relate because this is part of the reason I got into building furniture myself. I was able to identify, design and build exactly what I wanted for my house. Below I would like to identify 3 reasons why you should also consider investing in custom, handcrafted furniture.

1. Custom Furniture is an Investment

It is well known that one of the largest investment you will make in your life is the purchase of your home. With that in mind, why don't we also consider the items that we put in the home as investments as well? Now that you have found that perfect house, think of the furniture that you want to put in that house as an investment into your house. Yes, custom furniture can be more expensive than most store bought furniture, but consider it an investment that enriches the look, comfort and appeal of your house.

When considering the investment in custom furniture, also consider the relationship you make with the custom furniture maker as an investment. I have a friend who worked with a maker in order to design and build a platform bed out of reclaimed barn wood. As a result of the success of that build, he then worked with the maker to design and build a number of other furnishings for his house. The advantage is, the maker now knows the type of design my friend is looking for, knows what he has built for him in the past and can ensure that future items will fit into the overall scheme of the other pieces. They have each invested in a partnership that benefits both of them.

2. Custom Furniture is Exactly What You Want

Custom furniture is just that; custom. This means that you can work with the furniture designer/maker in order to design and build a piece of furniture that fits your taste, exactly, fits your space, exactly and fits into your budget. All too often, when people purchase something from a big box store, they are not getting exactly what they wanted and have to compromise on things such as the type of wood they want, some design element or the size/fit of the piece they purchase. Maybe you are looking for a side table that does not conform to the "normal" or "standard" size of a side table; that can be difficult to find. All houses have some kind of quircky space; how do you find something to fit that space perfectly? By working with a custom maker, they can often make anything you want or need. Again, as mentioned above, this is an investment in an ongoing relationship as well. As you look to add or replace furniture that doesn't exactly fit what you need, you can work with your maker to design and build exactly what you need.

3. Custom Furniture is Built To Last - Heirloom Quality

Now, I do not want to make it sound like all big box furniture is not quality; some is great quality. I also do not want to make it sound like all custom furniture is higher quality than store-bought, that definitely is not always the case as well. This is where shopping for custom made furniture is different in that what you are actually shopping for is the furniture maker. You want to work with someone that listens to your needs, understands your design wants (not theirs) and understands your budget. Finding a maker that builds furniture with time-test techniques, uses durable finishes and uses solid woods helps ensure that what they build for you will last for a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. How many things do you invest in that you can say that about?

Custom furniture begins and ends with one thing; the wood. You want to work with someone that understands the value and durability of solid hardwood. Many times, big box stores use a lesser quality, or valuable, wood, then put a thin veneer on the surface. Or, they use a species, such as poplar, then put it through a 10 step finishing process and call it "Cherry finish". By starting with a solid wood, such as cherry, walnut, etc, you know exactly what you are getting. You want to ensure your maker is using finishes that are designed to bring out the best in the natural wood, not mask it or try to make it look like something else. Further, by using a proven and durable finish, you will know that your furniture is safe and will only improve in color over time.


When considering your next piece of furniture, take a look at working with a maker to design and build the exact piece of furniture you want; don't settle for close enough or inferior quality. By investing in a relationship with a maker, you can work with someone you trust and someone that understands your unique style and taste. You are investing in a piece of furniture that should last your lifetime and beyond; a family heirloom. You are unique, your house is unique, why not make the furnishings in your house exactly as unique as you? 

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